"10 Common Mistakes Engaged Couples Make Planning Their Honeymoon"

This is a far too important an occasion in your life to leave to chance!

Common Mistake 1 - Procrastinating; Putting this off for far too long

With so much focus on the big day, it's easy to put honeymoon planning on the back burner. However, the ideal time to organise your honeymoon is 9 - 11 months in advance. If you're holding out for that elusive last minute deal or just being indecisive about where in the world to go, you could end up disappointed.

Book early to reserve the best flight times, secure the premium accommodation and take advantage of any early booking discounts. Plus you'll have longer to look forward to your dream holiday!

Common Mistake 3 - Underestimating Your Travelling Time

Malaysia, Mauritius and Mexico are fantastic destinations but not if you have less than a week for your honeymoon. Some far flung locations require over a day's travel each way, plus you will need to cope with the time difference and jet lag.

If time is an issue, there are a myriad of fine hotels, glamorous resorts, luxury villas and hip hideaways much closer to home.

Common Mistake 4 - Failing to Share the Planning

With so much to organise for the wedding, don't be tempted to allocate honeymoon planning to one person. Make it a joint effort, otherwise your dream escape will inevitably end up more geared to the choices of whoever booked it.

Go somewhere completely new to both of you and discover it together.

Common Mistake 5 - Approach Online Reviews With Caution

While reviews can help you get a feel for a place, the information can be outdated, biased or even fraudulent. Internet research can provide good ideas but a professional agent with first-hand knowledge is the best resource.

Shelley of Evocative Travel says: “Google will only tell you about what you put into it, making it difficult to discover hidden gems."

We have access to destination experts so think of ourselves as human Trip Advisors".

Common Mistake 6 - Ensure You Are Being Original

Wedding planning can be all-consuming and make it tempting to book an off-the-shelf holiday or even copy someone else's honeymoon. However, one size does not fit all. This is your big trip so make sure it's tailor-made to match your particular tastes and interests.

Don't forget those extra touches that will make it the ultimate luxury experience - VIP lounge passes, flight upgrades, private transfers, exclusive excursions – or whatever takes your fancy from the sublime to the ridiculous.

Common Mistake 7 - Ignoring the Experts!

Planning a dream honeymoon requires knowledge, expertise and that precious commodity - time. With so many inspirational destinations and types of holidays available, it is not always easy to know where to start.

So let the experts take the stress out of designing your once-in-a-lifetime trip. They will use their specialist knowledge to make your honeymoon extraordinary, recommending magical accommodation, authentic restaurants and the most insightful local guides.

Common Mistake 8 - Skimping On Your Budget

Weddings costs can easily escalate and it's tempting to dip into the honeymoon budget. Try not to skimp on your much-deserved trip of a lifetime. These are the first days / weeks of your life as a married couple and you want to return home with memories to last forever.

If finances are an issue, there's no need to jet off immediately after you tie the knot. Why not take a short, chic 'minimoon' straight away then save for an incredible honeymoon that's well worth the wait?

Common Mistake 9 - Preparation Is So Important

Make sure that your honeymoon isn't memorable for all the wrong reasons. There are numerous circumstances that could cause you to cancel, return home early or need emergency medical treatment. Comprehensive travel insurance is essential.

If you will be taking part in certain sports or leisure activities on your honeymoon you may need to top-up your cover or buy a specialist policy. Cruises may be excluded from some policies due to the difficulty of getting to hospital for treatment. Be properly insured for total peace of mind

Common Mistake 10 - Don't Leave Too Soon After The Wedding

The run up to your wedding day can be exhausting so don't feel the need to rush straight off on honeymoon. Give yourselves time to catch your breath and reflect on the big day. Once you reach your honeymoon destination, plan a few days to simply relax.

If possible save the more adventurous excursions and activities until the latter part of your holiday when you are feeling more energised.

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